tiktok ads
Conditions for opening an advertising account in TikTok for self-employment:
  • We are responsible for the advertising account we open for partners, so only white goods/services/training etc. that comply with the TikTok advertising policy are allowed.

  • We register the advertising account and give it to you to manage.

  • Refills to the advertising account are made on a prepaid basis.

  • We can conclude a formal contract and accept payment by bank transfer or bank card.

  • For Ukraine
PrivatBank, Monobank card - 5% of replenishment amount
Free cash payment to legal entities of the 2nd group - 5% of the top-up amount
Group 3 FOP - 7% of the recharge amount.
  • For other countries
PaySend, WayForPay: Apple pay, Google pay - 5%.
Wire transfer with private person - 5% of the recharge sum commission
Bank wire transfers to companies - 7% of the top-up amount
Minimal fee is 200$.

  • Money will be credited to the account during 1 - 3 business days.

  • Access to functions from beta-test is opened on additional request several times a week - this is a common rule for all.

  • Help in setting up and running your advertising campaigns from our team is in the form of paid consulting - $50/hour.
What you get by opening an account with us:
  • examples of creatives for different business niches (services, merchandise, infobusiness);
  • example of a video script for creating promotional creatives;
  • an example of a video editing job for a creative;
  • a list of contractors who make advertising creatives for TikTok is constantly expanding;
  • answers to frequently asked questions on advertising;
  • advice on optimizing your landing page for TikTok;
  • a mini-course on setting up advertising in TikTok;
  • recommendations for maintaining and optimising advertising;
  • examples of successful cases in various niches.
4Limes has more than 2 years of experience with TikTok ,
This means that we can:
  • Open cubicles
    Open a cabinet for closed GEOs
  • Advanced Features
    Open features that are in beta test - premium audiences, directory for e-commerce, engagement to subscribe to a profile, etc.
  • Prepaid formats
    Launch campaigns with prepaid formats TopView, Brand Takeover, Hashtag Challenge and others.
We can also help you with these TikTok services:
  • Content Plan.
  • Video editing.
  • Maintenance and promotion in TikTok.
  • Purchase advertising from bloggers.
  • Targeted advertising in TikTok.
  • Consulting and training.
  • Opening an advertising office.
To get a proposal for opening an advertising office - fill out the form below: