Case web design

Creating a landing page for a veterinary clinic

About the client:
Our company was approached by the veterinary clinic City Vet. The company provides a full range of services in veterinary medicine: therapy, surgery, ultrasound, vaccinations, grooming etc. The customer fully trusted the development of our team, the main wish:
The design should convey a reverent and loving attitude toward the animals in the clinic.

The client needed a website that would introduce the target audience
with a full list of services of the clinic, as well as to demonstrate its benefits
and special offers.

The task of the landing page was to show that the veterinary clinic City Vet will take care of any pet. That's why every block, from the first screen to the basement, should broadcast this attitude. We analyzed competitors' sites and evaluated, what works best for them, and what is better not to use.

As a result, our design team settled on a calm gray and white color scheme, which looks unobtrusive but stylish.
We "spiced up" the site with animation, added a few blocks with special offers to attract the attention of the audience. Briefly and accurately described the services provided by the clinic.

Singled out a special service "Take-home visits.
This is one of the customer's advantages over competitors,
which should have been emphasized.

What we did:
We created a landing page with easy page navigation and an adaptive interface. We used graphic elements and animation to highlight blocks with special offers from the clinic. We added several feedback forms with the ability to ask questions or leave your contact information to increase lead generation on the site.
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