Case web design

Case. Website development for the company HKDS. 4Limes

Our company was approached by a customer from HKDS. It is a large enterprise manufacturing polyamide casings for food products, located in Germany. This production is characterized by modern and innovative technologies, which provide a competitive potential in the market.

We were tasked to make a Web-design and develop a modern website which would reflect all the activities of the company. The client's wishes were that the site should evoke associations with the German quality "Made in Germany". After all, the site is like a business card, which introduces potential customers and partners to the activities of the company. After all, the first impression is very important, so the site should fully comply and perform this task.

In developing the site took into account the wishes of the client. The site structure was designed simple and concise for better perception by the visitor. Developed logical transitions of informative blocks as well as maintained the restrained nature of the site. Site on the principle of Landing page is easily perceived and provides the necessary information for the site visitor. For the basis of design took the direction of business - used product images. To develop the site designers used corporate colors - orange hues, which are associated with the manufacturer's products. They also used icons to design the information blocks.

What we did:
Developed a modern website structure for the company. Created an individual design for the site, which corresponds to the corporate identity of the company. Also did the primary SEO-optimization and installed analytical systems. Such a site supports the idea of the company and keeps the attention of clients.

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