Case PPC

Promoting a project through Shopify: 65 conversions

We were approached by a brand that promotes its products through Shopify. As a new product line was being launched, a hypothesis test and a test through blyp was needed.


GEO: Ottawa
Objective: test
Lead time: 1 month
Target audience: Men and women, 20-40 years old

We use Blyp for analysis

Blyp is a Shopify app that processes data about your shop 24 hours a day. The app analyses your shop, customers, products and marketing, looks for points of interest and sends you practical tips for immediate implementation. Ultra-deep data analytics condensed into concise recommendations.

Working on advertising strategy

To create the creatives, some footage showing the product was taken from the public domain, and to give the ad some personality, we shot additional video clips ourselves. 

At first we tested the interests, then we started scaling the winning groups using CBO (Campaign Budget Optimization). After getting enough actions, we moved on to LLA testing. To create LLA we need minimum 500 actions, preferably 1000, so we created in order from "Those who watched the video - Video views (75%)" to "Those who completed the order".

What are the results:

we spent $1,632.00 and achieved 65 conversions

This is the first part of the case study, showing the results of testing before the main campaign. In the next case study we will describe the results of promoting the shop in the first month of work. f you have any questions, feel free to write in the comments below or contact our manager!

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