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Promotion of the School of Psychology ROAS 780%: promotion of the infobusiness using YouTube advertising

About the client

In this case, we will consider cooperation with a client from Spain. This is an educational project, namely a school of psychology for the training and advanced training of psychologists. We signed an NDA with him, so we will not disclose the names and the name of the channel.
The school is built on the personal brand of the founder, who promotes the business through his expertise. They turned to us to work out a strategy for promoting a new product. The company has developed a product matrix, which includes:
  • free webinar;
  • main course;
  • additional courses;
  • supervision.
We also initially evaluated advertising tools to promote the webinar. After assessing paid traffic experts and a marketer, they concluded that it is relevant to start promoting a webinar through advertising on YouTube. This is based on the flexibility of the Google Ads advertising account and the ability to reveal the message through video ads.


Client: school of psychology through personal brand
GEO: Kazakhstan
Target: more than 400 applications for the online webinar
Traffic: YouTube - Video Action
Conversion cost: up to $6
Term of the work: 2 months
The target audience: women, 27-40 years old
Advertising payback: >200%
Purpose of promotion– test and get more targeted traffic to enter the funnel. To do this, we can run 3 commercials with an invitation to a webinar to attract more visitors. Also prepared 2 videos for remarketing.
The client has already tried to promote through Instagram and Facebook, but these channels brought registrations at a rather high price - from 7.6 to 8.2 dollars for a free product. As a result, the decision was made to explore a new traffic source, namely YouTube.


Before each project, we pay special attention to the component part in order to identify important areas and priorities. As part of the preliminary preparation, we analyze:
  • the status of the ad account and past running campaigns;
  • the quality of materials used in advertising;
  • Google Analytics settings;
  • the website to which the traffic will be directed.
Then we work on the offer to be advertised. It includes:
  • analysis of the needs and pains of the target audience;
  • designing a unique selling idea (USP) for the funnel;
  • creating effective scripts for videos that attract the target audience;
  • recommendations for the installation of promotional video;
  • testing and optimization of advertising campaigns;
  • choice of tools for evaluating results.
We treat each client with respect and create scenarios for each of them with a competent approach. We analyze observations, identify their needs and behavior in order to select the ideal messages for each target audience. We also select motivating factors to inspire clients and help them achieve their goals.
Our goal is to interest, create trust in the client and help him succeed.

YouTube Ads Promotion Strategy

To be successful, we have chosen YouTube video ads as our promotion strategy. Video marketing allows you to attract attention and convey high-quality messages.
The Video Action format was chosen. It provides an opportunity to increase the number of involved customers and attract their attention. This engages users with an observable call to action, an overlay* button.
*Overlay is a button that appears on top of an ad. When you click on it, the user goes to the advertiser's website or another site.

Targeting in YouTube, we proposed to set up according to the following criteria:

Interests: online courses, family issues
Special and combined (until February): collections of coaching courses, psychology courses, sites on psychology courses
Key queries: “Learn psychology”, “Psychology courses”, “Psychology from scratch” and so on.
By audience: special audiences, mixed audiences, interested buyers.

Paid promotion results

We started the launch with three main ads and two remarketing ads, where we used several types of ads. The main goal is to get registration for the webinar. What results did we get:
For the first month:
Reporting period: 01.12 - 28.12
Budget used: 2 022$
Users covered: 5 311
Completed conversions: 427
Conversion cost: 4,73$
For the second month:
Reporting period: 03.01 - 31.01
Budget used: 3 338$
Users covered: 11 416
Completed conversions: 703
Conversion cost: 4,8$
The overall result for 2 months of the advertising campaign:
Reporting period: 01.12 - 31.01
Budget used: $5,360
Users covered: 16,727
Completed conversions: 1130
Conversion cost: $4.76
Based on the results of 2 months advertising payback (ROAS): 780%
Good results with video advertising for autowebinars are possible only if the client has a sales department.


The YouTube ad campaign for the Counseling Psychologist course was successful in terms of reach and lead generation. The campaign was able to reach a large number of people from the target audience and attract a significant number of leads. Overall, the ad campaign was a good investment and helped them achieve their goals of expanding their reach and generating more potential customers.
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