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Youtube lead generation for B2B-segment. How youtube can help you to scale your business?

About the client
We build long-term relationships with our customers. That is why most of our customers scale and try to implement new marketing tools with us. Now the most effective tools are sales funnels and promotion on Youtube.

Our client, an online multi-channel attribution platform (we have an NDA with the company, so we do not mention its name) has already ordered the development of a webinar funnel with us, and now decided to scale it up. To do this, we advised him to try a new source of traffic - Youtube.

In our experience, Youtube gives you the ability to get warm webinar conversions at a low cost, regardless of the complexity of the niche. To get conversions to your site from Youtube video ads, In-Stream ads are used.

What are In-Stream ads?
In-Stream is a skip-able ad that appears before or during a Youtube video. If the user is not interested in the ad, they have the option to skip it after 5 seconds. The advertiser only pays if the viewer has seen the ad in full, watched it for at least 30 seconds or otherwise interacted with the ad (e.g. clicked on it).

Client: Online multi-channel attribution platform
1. Get over 2,000 registrations for two webinars.
2. Registration price - up to 3€.
Niche: E-commerce
Target audience: owners, managers, marketers of E-commerce projects
GEO: Romania
Traffic source: YouTube
Promotion stages
Youtube channel

When working with a client, we divide the work into several stages:
- Discussing the structure of the advertising creative for the video and remarketing.
- Receiving the promotional video and feedback on it.
- Creation of promotion strategy.
- Selection of audiences, keywords, channels and sites, formation of special audiences.
- Selection of minus-words and minus-channels.
- Selection of devices, targets, networks (YouTube/partner networks).
- Exclusion of displays for specific content in the campaign settings.
- Creating and configuring a campaign in Google Ads.
- Selection of targeting criteria (geo, age, interests etc.).
- Launching a test advertising campaign.
- Deactivation of inefficient audiences and creatives.
- Setting up remarketing audiences.
- Maintenance of the RC and correction of rates.
- Reporting on the RC.
- Conclusions and recommendations.

It is very important to link Google Ads to Google Analytics when setting up your ads, so Google Ads can receive data on the conversions which take place through your ads. This will help the system learn how to find people who are interested in our offer. Also, linking Google Ads to Google Analytics allows us to analyze the users' behavior, their characteristics, and optimize our campaigns.

We have put a Google Ads conversion code on the site, which allowed the system to learn much faster and significantly reduce the cost per conversion.


For this client we used In-stream advertising type.
It's great for lead generation and increasing traffic to the site. We mainly used special audiences:

  • Special audiences based on user interests (e.g., interested in
  • How to increase online sales);
  • Audiences that watch competitors' channels;
  • Audiences of interested buyers;
  • Selection of competitive key tags and hashtags.
  • Topics;
  • Audiences by interest based on google classification;

We ended up with:
1. 2,234 registrations at a price of 1.22€.
2. the best company: 1218 registrations at 0.57.

Youtube is one of the best tools to get leads. We have tested this on our own experience and customer examples. However, the combination works best: sales funnel+Youtube.

After the work done, the client was satisfied and continues to scale with us.

Leave an application on our site and get a free consultation from our specialist, who will show you how you can make a profit with Youtube. Do you want to promote your business effectively?
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