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Promoting air conditioning cleaning services with messenger marketing

About our client

Our agency was approached by a Polish company from Gdansk, which has been dealing with installation, cleaning and repair of air-conditioners for over 15 years. We signed an NDA with the client, therefore we will not disclose the name of the company. 

On the eve of the summer season the client wanted to launch the service of cleaning air-conditioners, which was to be promoted, targeting such an audience as offices and business centers which have several air-conditioners in their premises.

The price for cleaning of air-conditioners starts from $100, and as practice shows over 30% of people closed for additional services.    

Since the competition in this niche is rather big, the client wanted to test new sources of traffic. We suggested promotion through messenger marketing. Two approaches were worked out to solve this problem: 
- A promotional direct offer with air conditioning cleaning
- A lead-magnet funnel with a close for a consultation#nbsp;

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of these funnels

A funnel with a promotional offer: 
Attracting the hottest lead - targeted conversion
Quick conversion from conversion to transaction
short sales route
gathering a base of warm users for neural network training 

banner blindness of users 
low awareness of the need to purchase the service 
more expensive lead

Funnel with an offer to download a lead magnet: 
Cheaper ad subscriber = more subscribers in the base
Organic audience reach due to content 
loyalty and trust 
Greater chance of getting conversions due to the right messaging and push within the funnel 

Increased sales funnel (longer path)
user may download the lead magnet and immediately leave the funnel 


Client: a company that installs, cleans and repairs air conditioners
Target audience: offices and business centersp
Geo: Poland, Gdansk
Objective: To receive requests for cleaning of air-conditioners 
Traffic source: Facebook 
Promotion object: Chat-bots with closing for consultation and promotional offer 

Work on the project

Initially, we needed to work through the foundation of the client's niche and create a Customer Journey Map. This will help us understand how the user needs to interact with the funnel in order to take a targeted action at the end - to sign up for a consultation. 

After working through this step, we set out to implement two funnels on the Smart Sender platform: 

A chat bot with a promotional offer: coupon, discount, etc.
Lead generation with closing on a special offer. 
  • The customer sees a tempting promotional offer in the ad
  • The customer goes to the "LGT" mini-page and chooses a convenient messenger
  • Message chain confirming the phone number to activate the coupon-> when the offer is activated-> notification to the manager 
  • If there is no coupon activation: a chain of messages with a warm up and a push within 3 days
  • In the chat-bot it is possible to realize a reservation with the choice of date and time of arrival of the master
  • After activation of the coupon: a chain of messages with the rules of use of the coupon and other information
  • To remove objections and to get acquainted with the company, a mini menu is sent to display the buttons "About", "Reviews", "Cases" or other with a more detailed description 
  • UpSale: message chain with additional sales of related services - 3 days
  • After passing through the funnel, getting into the database for future mailings
  • Database uploading to CRM

Lead-magnet funnel with closing on a consultation

  • Client sees a useful lead magnet (instruction, checklist, video, etc.) in the advertisement with an offer to get it in one click 
  • The client goes to the LGT mini-page and chooses a convenient messenger
  • Client gets into a chatbot and receives a welcome message
  • Chain of messages giving away the lead magnet 
  • Leads and closes on a consultation via helpful content   
  • If no closing on consultation: warm up + push messages within 3 days
  • UpSale: message chain with additional sales of related services - 3 days
  • After passing the funnel, getting into the base for future mailings
  • Uploading the base to CRM
  • Recording video tutorials for working with the chatbot yourself

After creating the funnels, we set about preparing the advertising campaign, which included the following steps:  

  • Setting up metrics within the platform and preparing links for
  • Creating retargeting pixels and setting them up (preparing the ToR)
  • Creation of the RC within Facebook
  • Testing of different audiences and selection according to indicators
  • Traffic launch
  • Creating a database of bot answers to typical questions
  • Analyzing metrics and adjusting tunnel
  • Reporting with conversions. 
  • Drawing preliminary conclusions from test results
  • Scaling advertising
  • Reporting on the project results

Result of the project

Initially we decided to test the funnel with the direct offer and received 14 registrations for 000$. In the end there were no closures for the paid service, so we focused on the lead-magnet funnel, with which we achieved the following results: 

Spent: $1,901
Bot subscribers: 1497
Chat bot subscriber price: $1.27
Conversion to advice: 36%
Consultations: 539
Consultation price: $25
Conversion from advice to purchase: 67% 
Total Sales: 361
The cost of the client: $5.26
Average check: $150 (3-5 air conditioners) +22% pre-sales of other services


Promotion via messenger marketing was extremely effective. Although the first option of promotion with the help of a promotional chat-bot did not give the proper results, but the implementation of the lead-magnet funnel helped to achieve the client's goal and to attract the required number of requests for consultation with further closing of the purchase. 

Are you interested in promotion with messenger marketing on a turnkey basis? Leave a request and our specialist will advise you in detail.
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