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Maintenance and promotion of the medicine channel on Youtube

About the client

Our agency was contacted by representatives of a wellness center of kinesitherapy to help us promote their Youtube channel. The content covered the topic of medicine, which will always be relevant to the users of this platform. We signed an NDA with the client, so we will not disclose the names of the channel. 

The channel focused with stories about the treatment and prevention of human musculoskeletal diseases.  How to treat diseases of the back, arms and legs with the help of methods and home training from the specialists of the health center. The channel is primarily useful to those who think and care about their health and the health of their loved ones. 

The task of

The main purpose of our cooperation with the clients was to increase views and subscribers on the channel, which already had 169 637 subscribers before contacting our agency. We had to do some work on the channel's audience, its design, and the launch of an advertising campaign, which aimed to promote videos with recommendations to improve the condition of the entire back, arms, and legs. 

Review of the analytics before the work on the channel (the period from March 1 to May 31):

Project Work

Collaboration with the client began with an audit of their channel, namely an analysis of the audience, competitors, keywords, content format, playlists, etc. This is an important component in order to start proper promotion of the channel. The work was further broken down into six steps for our team, which included the following:

  • Re-optimizing the channel. We came to the conclusion that we should start with optimizing the old videos on the channel. Initially, we set about changing the existing channel tags, channel description, clips, and playlists. Our specialists prepared completely new texts, according to pre-selected keywords in the subjects of medicine and health. Video optimization is done for the purpose of getting the video into the TOP 10 of Youtube and search engines as well as for promotion via similar videos.

  • Updating the channel design. After re-optimizing existing content, we set about developing a design concept for the channel. Our designers created several options for channel header and artwork for each playlist, so the client could choose the appropriate one and approve it for further use on the channel.

  • Optimization and publication of new content, as well as assistance with hosting and design of broadcasts on Youtube. We understand that with a professional channel vision, it is very important to do this in a systematic way. That's why we set up a weekly publication of one video on a certain day and time, when the audience has a chance to watch it in the first hours after publication.

  • Publication of 3 Shorts format videos per week. The YouTube Shorts format is promoted completely organically, and like any new product has high ranking factors from YouTube itself. By actively releasing these short videos, the client dramatically began to attract more and more new subscribers who were interested in seeing both new and old content on the channel.

  • Setting up Discovery format ads. Given our client's tire and the usefulness that content on the channel provides for users, we realized that promoting content in the Discovery format was the best idea. This format is great for attracting new audience to the channel and it also increases the number of views and the level of activity under the video: likes, comments, clicks on the links in the description.

  • Analysis and optimization of advertising campaigns. After all the work done earlier, all we had to do was to monitor the process of promotion through advertising campaigns. At times we had to adjust the old audiences, as well as test brand new ones with frequent optimization of advertisements.

At the end of our cooperation, we provided the client with a full report on the work done.

Results of work

Working on maintenance of the channel and promotion of its content for 3 months, we managed to increase the traffic flow to the channel by 2 times. Most of the traffic came from the recommendations and sections for watching the videos. 

We have attracted 4032 new subscribers by running advertising campaigns alone, which allowed us to achieve an excellent average price per subscription of 0,28$. A total of 1149,26$ was spent during the cooperation period, and the number of subscribers at the end of our team's work was 278,139 people. 

The main objective of the ad campaigns was to "skip" the videos in the first 48 hours after the video was posted. This is necessary for a faster stratum of organic reach recruitment on videos.

Overview of channel analytics:


The quality of the content played a huge role, especially the heavy emphasis on the Shorts format. Besides, quality content can bring new subscribers and increase activity on the channel only if it is correctly optimized. Also you should not forget that the result of the video promotion directly depends on the right advertising settings, and our specialists managed it very well. 

We got a lot of organic views and conversions to the channel. As a result, we managed to fulfill the main condition - increasing the number of subscribers and views.

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