Case Logo and corporate identity design

Creating a logo and corporate identity for a website for the sale of mining equipment

We were approached by a Ukrainian company Simplex Group engaged in the production and sale of cooling equipment for mining farms. The main products in their catalog are immersion cooling baths and liquids for their filling.

The task:
The company approached us to develop a corporate identity and logo. The main requirement was simplicity and brevity in design.

Simplex Group works in a narrow but fast-growing niche.
We needed to create a unique and concise corporate identity,
That would help promote the company.

We provided the client with several color and graphic solutions to choose from.
Most of all we liked this variant of the logo in terms of style:

The final version of the logo also has several variations: basic, in white, and minimalist.
It all depends on what medium the image will be placed on.

Regardless of the color variations, the logo by the smoothness of its lines is associated with wind, cold, cooling.
This associative series has something to do with the main area of the company - cooling equipment.
Also by its outline it resembles the English letter S - the first letter of the company's name.

What we did
For our customer we created a corporate style and logo, and provided visualization of usage of
logo on various promotional and printing products.

The company Simplex Group also ordered from us the development of a turnkey website.

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