Case YouTube

Promote your mailing service with lead generation in Youtube

About the client
We were approached by the creators of an Email Chains Service (let's omit the name because of a non-disclosure agreement). They needed to launch the traffic to their website to register for a trial period of the service.

The client had been using search and contextual media advertising on Google for a long time for promotion, and was also active with Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin ads. But the client was looking for a new source of traffic, so we suggested the format of lead generation on Youtube. Because this format will help to show the value of the product in a few seconds and interest a potential user to take a targeted action.  

One of the main requirements of this task was not to exceed the price of the registration more than 4 €, as the registration through Facebook and Instagram cost to the client about 3.5-4 €. 

Client: Email marketing and automation service
Country: Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia 
Target: Test registration Landing page traffic with an average price of 4€ per registration
Audience: marketers, Email experts, messenger marketers 
Traffic source: YouTube  
Format of advertisement: true view for action

Work on the project
Before the launch of the advertising campaign we studied the service, analyzed direct and indirect competitors and worked out a portrait of the target audience.  

Given all the necessary information, we defined the segments for writing scripts and preparing advertising campaigns. It is most effective to target owners, managers, marketers, traffic specialists, email and other digital specialists.

Especially for the launch of the client separately prepared a page about his service, which reveals the value and uniqueness. From our side were prepared structures for lead generation videos:

3 scenarios for different segments
2 remarketing scenarios   

The texts and the structure of the videos were created according to the "explanation arch" strategy recommended by Google. This format carries an explanation for users who want the product, but don't yet know why. Therefore, this ad aims to get the audience interested in the arguments. This video format contains the following elements: 

Actualizing the problem
Providing the product as a solution
Explanation of the benefits 
Benefits and a call to action
Additional arguments. 

The client embodied in the format of animations that engaged through creativity and the actualization of the problem in the Email universe for marketing. After making edits and approving the creative, our team moved on to preparing the advertising campaign.  

Results of work
Within 3 months of collaboration, the results were as follows:

Used budget: 72 823,59 €  
Conversions: 35 060
Cost per conversion: 1,92 €  

YouTube showed a great result in the mass attraction of new audience to the service. It was reached due to the right script of video as well as tuning of advertising campaign taking into account the selection of maximum relevant audience (it can be done due to the selection of places of accommodation, interests on the basis of visited sites by target users etc.). 

The cost of registration on YouTube is much cheaper than advertising on Facebook or Instagram. We attribute it to the brand recognition, as the service has been working for 1 year and advertising on other channels is actively used.

After 3 months of advertising, we noticed the burnout of advertising creatives and the need to create new ones. Now the client is working on the creation of a video to continue advertising with the Russian-speaking audience and translating advertising creatives into English and Spanish. The company is planning to further cooperate with us in order to scale the result. 
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