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Promoting a cleaning company with Google Ads

About the client

A Canadian cleaning company approached us in early 2020. The company was founded by a family from Ukraine back in 2014. An NDA was signed with this client, so we will omit the name of the shop.

In 5 years they have managed to establish themselves in the market and have scaled up to a company of 70 people. Their services include various types of commercial and residential cleaning. We have been approached by business owners to help set up and run advertising for their services. After doing research and making a promise with the client, we got down to the project.

The challenge
Customer: cleaning company
GEO: Montreal
Target: Cleaning request
Traffic: Google Ads
Timeline: 2.5 years


When developing the promotion strategy, settled on search advertising as well as testing other formats from Google. In this case we will show the work with search advertising, which brought 2.5 years of stable result with timely correction and updating of campaigns.

Before launching the traffic we checked:

  • Analytics. When working with any type of paid traffic, it is important to pay attention to setting up analytics that will help add better results. That is, it will be easier for the robots to track and find exactly the target audience with the highest chance of making a conversion.

  • Site Optimisation. Also, before launching traffic, we recommend checking your website for optimisation and UX. This will help to significantly increase the conversion rate of the website, when it is created in a user-friendly way.

  • Sales force readiness. For some reason this point is forgotten by many, but it is important to prepare your sales managers before launching traffic. Because these applications are more specific in processing, than those that came by means of word-of-mouth or by a brand request.


We have got the following results on project implementation from May 2020 until May 2021:

Advertising budget: 85 383 Can$ / 62 190,84
Received conversion rate: 2 872

Average price per conversion: 24,73 Can$ / 18,01 USD
Average order price: from Can$45 per hour / $32.78

An overview of the advertising cabinet:


We saw that the most effective campaign for the client was the search campaign, so we recommended to focus more attention on it and increase the budget. In addition, in order to further increase the number of bids, we suggested connecting remarketing to visitors of individual services.

Therefore, when promoting services, we always recommend doing the following:
  1. set up deep analytics
  2. make a test run of the advertising campaign
  3. understand which audiences are buying best
  4. scale advertising to audiences which give a return on investment

In our case, the client was satisfied with the work done by the team, as we were able to achieve the results we set out to achieve at the beginning of the partnership - great reach at a low cost.

Our specialists will be glad to help you with targeting advertising on a turnkey basis. Leave an application and our specialist will advise you in detail.
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