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Promotion of the free mini-course from the school of cynologists through advertising on YouTube

About the client

We were approached by a school of cynologists with a request to promote their mini dog training course for online training in Poland. The client was interested in increasing the number of users who would take this mini course for free and subsequently purchase full training courses. We signed an NDA with them, so we will not divulge the names or the name of the channel.

The campaign is aimed at expanding its presence on the market, defining the target audience and focusing on the right niche. One element of the company's product matrix is the provision of a free mini-course on dog behaviour management, which allows potential customers to learn how a dog is trained and make a decision about buying one.


Client: Online dog training school
GEO: Poland
Target: Over 350 applications for the free mini course
Traffic: YouTube - Video Action
Price per conversion: up to $2
Working time: 4 weeks
Target audience: Women and men, 24 - 40 years old

We have developed a highly effective strategy based on three highly appealing and compelling video ads that will provide maximum exposure, including attracting traffic to our free mini-course. We are confident that this approach will help to attract the maximum number of interested potential clients and significantly increase the effectiveness of our strategy.


For a successful advertising campaign, we pay attention to all its components. Here is how we have implemented this process:

1. analysis of the advertising account and past campaigns:
  • Evaluated the results of previous campaigns, identifying their strengths and weaknesses.

2. Quality of materials:
  • Evaluated the quality of video, photos and other materials used in the ads.
  • Suggested changes and recommendations for the installation and design of materials.

3. Google Analytics settings:
  • Checked that the Google Analytics code was installed correctly and set up the targets.
  • Comparison of ad campaign data and Google Analytics to get a full picture of the campaigns' performance.

4. Website:
  • Evaluated the quality of the website to which the traffic would be directed.
  • Suggested improvements to increase conversions.

5. Target audience analysis:
  • Identified the needs and pains of the target audience.
  • Developed a unique selling idea for the funnel.
  • Selected motivating factors to inspire customers and help them achieve their goals.

6. Creation of effective scripts:
  • Developed effective scripts for videos that appeal to the target audience.
  • Suggested guidelines for editing a promotional video.

7. Testing and optimising advertising campaigns:
  • Launched test campaigns to evaluate the effectiveness of various tools.
  • Optimised advertising campaigns according to the results.

8. Evaluation of results:
  • Tracked metrics such as number of views, conversions and cost per customer engagement to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign.
  • Used the findings to optimise the campaign.

9. Analysis and improvement:
  • Analyzed the results and used the insights to improve the next advertising campaign.

A promotion strategy using YouTube advertising

Our agency was looking for a key strategy that would help us attract a large number of potential clients for our online dog training school. We decided to use YouTube marketing. A promotion strategy using YouTube - Video Action has many advantages:

1. Large audience: One of the most well-liked video-watching sites is YouTube. One of the biggest and easiest platforms for promoting your company or product is YouTube, which has over 2 billion monthly visitors.

2. High Conversion: Videos frequently garner more interest than text or pictures. A potential consumer may be persuaded to buy your goods or utilise your service after seeing video material about it.

3. Flexibility: There are many various forms of video content you may produce, such as advertisements, product reviews, how-to videos, video blogs, and more, that can help you draw in and hold the interest of your audience.

4. Targeting: YouTube offers a variety of methods for ad targeting. By selecting the advertising formats that are most appropriate for your business or product, you may target your audience based on their demographics, interests, behaviours, and keywords.

5. Follow up on outcomes: YouTube Analytics allows you to keep tabs on data like views, likes, dislikes, comments, conversions, and more. By doing so, you may improve your advertising efforts and gauge the effectiveness of your marketing plan.

We suggested setting up YouTube targeting according to these criteria:

Interests: pets, active lifestyle

Key queries: "dog training", "how to raise a dog", "online training courses", etc.

Audiences: Special audiences, mixed audiences, interested customers.

Promotion results

Our aim was to create an emotional connection with people and to encourage them to take action. So, we started with three basic videos with different types of promotional appeals. Our goal was to gather as many registrations for our free mini-course as possible.

What results we got:

Reporting period: 01.12 - 28.12
Used budget: 670$
Users reached: 3 927
Perced conversions: 715
Cost per conversion: $0.95

Good results from video advertising for free mini-courses are only possible if the client has a must-have sales team.


Our promotional campaign for the free mini-course was extremely successful. Thanks to our dissemination efforts, we were able to attract hundreds of new students, which confirms the high effectiveness of our strategy. An important success factor was the updating of the creatives, which halved the registration price.

Each video was given a unique headline, allowing us to maximise the use of different types of content. We also looked at recommending the use of striking video covers to draw more attention to our content in different formats.

Overall, our advertising campaign using video content was successful and proved to be an effective way to attract the target audience. We are ready to use our experience and improve our marketing efforts to promote your brand or product and achieve greater success in the future.

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