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Medical marketing: the results of maintainingYouTube channel. +109 thousand subscribers in 6 months

About the client 

Six months ago we were approached by a client who runs an expert channel on YouTube dedicated to medical topics. The channel regularly produces videos about the benefits of exercise, facts about the body, tips and advice. The channel gained popularity due to the doctor's charisma and experience.

The purpose of contacting us was to increase the number of views and subscribers on the channel. Also the client was interested in increasing the monetization, as in recent months there was no increase in this indicator. 

Before the client turned to us, his channel already had 500 thousand subscribers. Therefore, it was important not to change the channel's format drastically, in order not to scare away the existing subscribers. At the same time, we had to add tools to attract new subscribers. 


Large YouTube channels require a comprehensive approach and regular analysis. 
So first of all we audited the channel and noted the following points of growth:

- Updating the design concept;
- elaboration of the content strategy and recommendations;
- Optimizing descriptions and titles of old videos;
- systematization of work in the channel's community;
- introduction of the Youtube Shorts format and live broadcasts.

After approval and preparation, we set to work on the channel and continued systematic exposure of content. 

It should be noted that running a channel is like a marathon. That is, the selected content strategy gives a result after a few months of managing Youtube channel. The graph from the analytics clearly shows the start of work with our team and the first results of growth due to the new content strategy.

The growth of the YouTube channel is possible, when your constant audience is involved in video, for that it is necessary to shoot serial content. In our turn, when creating the content plan we took into account what videos were the most interesting for the regular audience.

In order for your channel to grow as quickly as possible, you also need to create content for new audiences who will come to the channel, engage in the serial content and become subscribers of the channel. Youtube has an audience breakdown and you can clearly see that once we started our work, the permanent and new audience on the channel started growing.

When working with large youtube channels, it's worth sticking with serial content, which can be based on "locomotive" videos. These are the videos that are gaining a steady number of views and bringing in subscribers. Shoot a sequel to them or develop the topic, as it's most likely to make it into recommendations.

Here's an example of analytics for "locomotive" videos: 

Paid Promotion. 

Since the channel had good organic traffic, we decided to focus on paid promotion. 

Usually, ads are run to gain views and promote an individual video by positions. But we had a different goal - to bring a new audience to the channel without changing the current statistics (in order not to worsen the organic coverage by accident). 

Therefore, we promoted separate videos that were accessible only through a link. We chose the format of Video ads in the feed (Discovery), which shows ads in the recommended videos.

Videos for promotion were selected based on the number of views in the recommended videos and the number of subscribers they brought. Since the video showed itself well in the organic promotion, it will show positive dynamics in the paid promotion.

 ** Many run ads on individual videos, but when there is good organic traffic - it is better to abandon such a step. Our approach will not reduce retention on other videos, but will only allow you to get new audiences from advertising videos. 


During six months of work on the channel, the number of subscribers grew by 109 thousand, and the total number of views reached more than 9 million. 

To more clearly demonstrate the growth of the audience, here is a comparison of the effectiveness of the two time intervals. The right part of the table and graph is the channel's statistics for the first six months, before you turned to us. The left part is the statistics for six months of our work on promoting the channel. 

There is a clear growth of the indicator by the "content selection function": the number of views increased by 1 million (the indicator shows the frequency of video selection). (The indicator points to the frequency of selecting videos from the home page). There is also an increase in the recommended videos section, external sources, and the "short videos" section. 

Here are also the overall channel statistics for six months of promotion. Here you can see the channel monetization growth figures.

And for the six months prior to contacting the company

The next screenshot shows the data on organics on YouTube channel. Over 96 million impressions, with 74.9% of those impressions coming from recommended sources.

Shorts video analytics

We used additional formats, including Shorts, to promote the client's channel organically. These are short and dynamic videos of up to 1 minute in length. They collect views in a separate feed, which is very popular on Youtube right now. Now Shorts, like TikTok, gets the most organics through unique algorithms. 

Let's look at a few videos separately 

The first video brought in about  5,000 new subscribers as well as over 599,600 views. At the same time, it has been indexed for over 45 days and continues to gain views. These videos have a good retention rate and faster growth in terms of views. 

And the next video, as you can see from the chart, did not immediately start gaining a lot of views. However, it shows good results in terms of subscriber growth of +2,900 and viewer retention of 80.0%. Therefore, it works successfully in the Shorts feed. 


When running large channels, it is important to gradually introduce new tools, and to refuse to make radical changes. Because it is important to focus both on working with the existing audience and on attracting new viewers. 

As a result, we were able to accomplish the main task of increasing the number of subscribers and monetization of the channel. This was achieved through video optimization, a competent advertising strategy, and the use of short videos. Quality content that the client gave for publication on time also played an important role in the promotion. 

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