Case Logo and corporate identity design

Case. Development of a logo and corporate identity for Port Expert. 4Limes

We were approached by Port Expert, an international wholesaler of food, beverages and tobacco products.

The client asked us to design a logo and a corporate identity for the company. Port Expert is a serious international company.
Therefore, the result had to be simultaneously in line with modern trends, but still retain a business style.

The client filled in the brief in detail, and our team understood exactly what the client was expecting - what was the target audience of the business and what should be done to make the corporate identity work positively for the company's image in the eyes of consumers and partners.

It was important to show the stability of the company and the European level of service quality.
We created a logo in a business black and white palette, its graphic part is stylish and laconic.
and laconic. We used bold font without serifs, that's why visually logo looks safe.

But there are also dynamic elements in the logo in the form of oblique rectangles, which form the letter E. They show that the company is reliable, but at the same time it welcomes growth, development, movement and expansion of horizons. These qualities are necessary to run a successful business.

The final version of the logo

What we did
For Port Expert, we:

  1. Developed a corporate identity in accordance with the client's wishes and the specifics of their business
  2. Created a logo emphasizing the seriousness of the company, and at the same time - its desire for development.

We know that for a logo to work, it has to combine many aspects, among which are style, practicality and personality of a company. Our designers have taken into account all the wishes of the client, as well as the peculiarities of his business, to create not just a beautiful logo, but a corporate identity, which will work for the recognition of the company and its sales.

Individual corporate identity - one of the key elements of the success of any brand. It helps to build off from competitors, attract the attention of customers, as well as add weight in the eyes of partners.

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