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Promote business automation services on Linkedin

About the client

We were approached by a company that specialises in CRM and bespoke business solutions. An NDA was signed with the company, so the company name will be omitted. The project was expanding to a new market in the UAE. In the process of promotion, it was decided to connect new sources of traffic, namely promotion through Linkedin.


Client: business automation services
Purpose: lead generation for the purpose of registering for the demo
Traffic: Linkedin
Time frame: 3 months

The solution:

What is the advantage of promoting on Linkedin? Here, besides the basic advertising criteria (demographic and geographical), you can search for an audience by business sector, company size, position of the person who could potentially be interested in the service.

For our client we have defined the optimum size of the potential audience on Linkedin
- 330,000 people by job segments (Director, Leading Specialist, Manager, Owner, Partner, Vice President), which include the following responsibilities:
business development
operating activities

- the age range was not further narrowed: 18-55+

We decided to use an advertising strategy that included:

Stage 1: Cold Audience Work - generating leads through the lead form. This strategy used single-image ads, but also used discussion-type ads (inMail format, where the recipient can jump into a correspondence with the sender of the email).

Stage 2: Retargeting - re-generating leads through the lead form. But at this stage, a discussion advertisement was used. Such a mailing is done on behalf of the head of the company. Also in this ad there is a button with the transition to the lead form.


For companies who are just starting to promote on the internet, we offer a comprehensive niche analysis and preparation service for the advertising activity. It includes:

- analysis of the needs and behaviour of the target audience;
- market positioning;
- communication strategy;
- evaluation and promotion strategy for each channel
- solutions to analyse results;
- choice of sites for promotion.

Advertising budget: 40,966.46 USD
Received leads: 366
Average price per result: 111.93 USD.
Service conversion after demo version: 70%
Average price of the service: from 1500 USD
LTV per service: 6-9 months

Overview of the individual campaigns:

On the Business audience (wide geography) 11,325.02 USD was spent and 128 leads were received at an average price of 88.48 USD.

For the UAE big cities audience spent USD 9,127.61 and received 77 leads at an average cost of USD 118.54.


On Linkedin, it is possible to find specific audiences that are suitable for a particular project. On the example of this project, it shows the ability to promote a complex and narrowly targeted niche for traditional marketing.

But the specifics of the ad settings (limitation of 160 characters for the text in the mobile version) does not allow you to fully convey the essence of the offer in the social network feed. This may have played a role in making inMail messages, in which we can use a lot of text, more effective

Our experts will be happy to assist you with your turnkey targeting advertising needs. Leave an enquiry and our specialist will advise you in detail.

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