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Promoting Relationship Course ROAS 445%: Promotion with YouTube Ads

About the client

This case is devoted to cooperation with a client based in Spain. A relationship coaching company that provides personal development and relationship building services. They aim to expand their reach and generate more leads for their services through YouTube ads. We signed an NDA with him, so we will not disclose the names and the name of the channel.
The company is based on the personal brand of a psychologist who promotes business through his knowledge and expertise. The company turned to us to develop a strategy for promoting their new product - the online course "Rich Relationships", dedicated to the development of high-quality interpersonal connections. The company already has a product matrix, which includes a number of other courses in psychology, but our task is to market the new product as efficiently as possible. The new product matrix includes:
  • free 3-day online intensive with practice
  • main course;
  • supervision.
We also did an initial evaluation of various promotional tools that could be used to promote our webinar. After consulting with specialists in the field of paid traffic and promotion, we came to the conclusion that the best option to start promotion is to use video ads on YouTube. We made this decision based on the flexibility and power that the Google Ads account provides, as well as the opinion of our consultants who are experts in their field.


Client: psychologist through personal brand
GEO: Spain
Target: more than 100 applications for online intensive with practice
Traffic: YouTube - Video Action
Conversion cost: up to $6
Term of the work: 2 months
The target audience: women, 25-40 years old
Our main goal is to test the effectiveness of promotion and attract more targeted traffic to enter our sales funnel. To achieve this goal, we decided to launch three commercials inviting visitors to our online practice intensive. This will help attract more interested users. In addition, we have developed two remarketing videos to encourage those who have already shown interest to come back and explore our products and services in more detail.


Before the start of each new project, we attach particular importance to the analysis of the components in order to determine the key directions and priorities. During the preliminary preparation, we conduct a thorough analysis of the following aspects:
  • the current status of the ad account and previous campaigns;
  • the quality of advertising materials used in campaigns;
  • Google Analytics settings;
  • the website to which the traffic will be directed.
Only after we have carried out a detailed analysis of these factors, we begin to develop a specific strategy for moving the project forward in order to maximize its effectiveness and achieve the desired results.
Then we move on to work on a proposal that will be used in advertising. This process includes:
  • study of the target audience, USP, Offer
  • writing three or four scripts for lead generation
  • writing two scripts for remarketing
When the video is done:
  • the client shows a rough shot with minimal editing, and we give feedback on it
  • then we approve one finished video
  • give feedback to finished videos
  • we set the terms of reference for the creation of covers for promotional videos. Video Action advertising format is shown both in instream format (preroll) and in Discovery format (recommendations, main page)
We strive not only to arouse interest in the client, but also to strengthen his trust in us, to help him achieve success and prosperity.

YouTube Ads Promotion Strategy

We chose YouTube video ads as our promotional strategy as it helps to grab attention and deliver messages effectively.
Choosing the "YouTube - Video Action" tool for promotion has several advantages. First, it allows you to pinpoint your target audience and achieve specific business goals such as sales or leads. Second, these ad campaigns can be customized based on user behavior on YouTube, making it more likely to reach your goals. Third, YouTube - Video Action provides access to more accurate analytics to help advertisers measure conversions and improve the performance of their campaigns.
In addition, YouTube is one of the most popular and widely used social platforms where people watch billions of videos every day. Thus, using "YouTube - Video Action" for promotion can enable advertisers to reach their audience on a mass platform with a high degree of engagement.

Targeting in YouTube, we proposed to set up according to the following criteria:

Special and combined (until February): visiting sites of interest, channels on the subject of the psychology of relationships
Key queries: “how to understand a man”, “psychology of relationships”, “how to find your man” and so on.
By audience: special audiences, mixed audiences, interested buyers.

Promotion results

To start the advertising campaign, we used three main commercials and two remarketing videos, in which we used different types of advertising calls. Our main goal was to attract as many registrations as possible to our online intensive with practical exercises.
What results did we get:
For the first month:
Reporting period: 01.12 - 28.12
Budget used: $345
Users covered: 733
Completed conversions: 96
Conversion cost: $3,59
For the second month:
Reporting period: 01.01 - 31.01
Budget used: 364$
Users covered: 989
Completed conversions:147
Conversion cost: 2,54$
The overall result for 2 months of the advertising campaign:
Reporting period: 01.12 - 31.01
Budget used: 709$
Users covered: 1722
Completed conversions: 243
Conversion cost: 3,07$
At the end of 2 months, the payback of advertising: 445%
Good results with video advertising for online intensives is only possible when the client must have a sales department.


The YouTube ad campaign for the psychology course "Rich Relationships" was successful and achieved its goals. It allowed consumers to learn about the course, understand its benefits and become more confident in their choice. The promotional videos have attracted potentially interested public attention, increasing traffic and attracting new customers who want to change their relationship for the better. Relevant and exciting videos were used during the advertising campaign to attract users. . This campaign was reflected in the growth in sales of the course and attracted new customers who are still active.
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