Case web design

Creation of web-design for a transport company.

About the client:
Our client is the founder of several companies and has repeatedly ordered
different services from us on several occasions. For example, we developed a logo and website design for the farm "Mitsny Gorikh".

This time it was necessary to create a business card site for the presentation of services of the transport company "Express China". The client also requested a logo design.

To create a landing page with a simple and clear interface that closes the main pains of the target audience and generates leads.

Landing page helps solve various tasks, which include selling services and generating leads. The result of a user's visit to a page largely depends on how it is structured. For Express China we designed a small website that is as light as possible and consists of 4 blocks.

Each block has a specific task. For example, the first block is intended to "catch" the user's attention and prompt the viewing of the remaining blocks. The second block introduces with services and special offers of the company. The third block - talks about the benefits and encourages the user to leave their contact information, and the fourth provides all the contacts of the company and links to social networks.

Thanks to this structure, the user will consistently get all the necessary information needed to make a decision.

We've added a feedback form to the site focused on calculating the cost of shipping, taking into account many factors. Also connected is a widget that runs a chat with the manager.

The site is adapted to different devices, which allows you to collect traffic not only from your PC, but also from cell phones and tablets.

In the logo we combined graphic and text elements. It corresponds to the general stylistics of the site - minimalism, simplicity and accessibility in understanding.

What we did:
For Express China, our team developed a web design, company logo and created a turnkey business card website. In our work we were guided on the main wishes of the client: simplicity and accessibility of the interface.
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