Case PPC

Promotion of mobile app: 93,310 installations

We were approached by an Israeli mobile app development company. They needed to promote a new game app. We did an analysis, a consultation and came to the conclusion to promote the app through similar apps.


Project: entertainment app 
Goal: get over 80,000 installs of the app
Lead time: 1 month
Target audience: Men and women, 18-30 years old

ASO (App Store Optimisation) is a set of measures to optimise your app in order to maximise your app's visibility in App Store and Google Play searches. Globally ASO is very similar to SEO, but there are a number of key ranking factors in Google Play - these are listed in the table below.

Stages of mobile promotion in Google Play by keyword:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Development of launch strategy
  • Collecting the semantic core;
  • Optimisation of meta-data, icons and screenshots;
  • Casting motivated instagrams and reviews;
  • Linking to the app page.

 Competitor analysis

Having analysed the top ranking according to the collected semantic core, we analysed the competitors according to the following parameters:

  1. The number of characters of the description text;
  2. number and accuracy of occurrences of keywords for which the application is at the top;
  3. application name.

We analyzed how people search for a particular app on Google Play when they know its name beforehand. Such apps have one advantage. Due to additional words that are entered along with the title, the app rises in the top for those words.

Promotion strategy 

We chose the following strategy: initially we poured a few instals for all requests, then we made a booster (a large number of instals in a short period of time) for the main most frequent requests and then maintained a small number of instals for all requests.

Reviews are an effective method of increasing your app's ranking and getting feedback from users. Apps with more reviews have a higher position and therefore more organic traffic. An app's rating has a significant impact on conversion to install - 70% of users read at least one review before installing the app. In other words, the more positive and high quality reviews your app has, the more likely it is to be installed. Don't forget to respond to both positive and negative reviews. Try to contact the customer of each negative review and offer a solution to the problem - this is the best tactic in this situation, because you can't remove any reviews on Google Play. By the way, the use of keywords in the text of the reviews also has a significant impact on ranking.

Technical implementation

1. Semantic core

We first started by collecting the semantic core. Google Play uses Google search technologies and the optimization process is similar to that of websites. We went into detail on how search works in Google Play here.

We've collected search cues in Google Play related to the direction of the app.  The Google Play tooltips are an important element. Firstly, they show what people are searching for, as well as the wording of the queries (there are no open search statistics within Google Play). Secondly, users click on the tooltips without having to enter the query all the way to the end. Therefore the app should be at the top of the list for these prompts.

2. meta-data and image optimization
The meta-data optimization methodology in ASO for Google Play is almost similar to meta-tag and content optimization methodology in SEO.  

3. the use of motivated instagrams, ratings and reviews
Similarly to SEO, where the key group of external optimization factors is the number and quality of external links to the website, in ASO external factors include the total number of instals and the number of instals after a search for a particular key, rating, reviews, opening order of the application and deleting from the user's gadgets. These ASO external factors can be emulated using different services - in ASO they are called motivated installs, or motive, insent.

Promotion results

After 4 months of promotion we got the following results

We spent ₪23,165.82 / $6,486.08 and achieved 93,310 app installs

We met the customer's objectives and continued to promote the application further. If you have any questions about this case, we are happy to answer them.

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