Buying advertising from TikTok bloggers by 4limes:
selecting, negotiating, creating the right TOR
Working with bloggers is one of the main ways of lead generation in popular social networks. And it works great in TikTok too!

Some sceptics argue that TikTok bloggers are not the right people to work with to promote your business.

We know at least six ways to work with them on this social network:
Our experts will help you determine which of these methods is more productive and effective for you. And most importantly - which blogger is better to work with, what format and terms of cooperation to choose.
Native advertising on a blogger's profile: reviews, recommendations, collaborations and more.
Engaging videos for targeting ads on TikTok. 90% of the success of targeting advertising is the use of quality creative. Who better than bloggers to create it?
Engage in filming videos for the brand's account. Communicating the value of your product to an established blogger is much easier than training an employee to communicate properly with a TikTok audience.
Hiring for scripting, filming, editing. Successful bloggers are also pros at all these things, able to give strong advice.
Work with the blogger as a journalist. Invite him or her to do a broadcast or video review at one of your events.
Running Challenges. This format is still relevant if it suits your niche.
Who needs exactly buying ads
from bloggers in TikTok
Opinion leaders
Make yourself known in TikTok, in line with the latest trends on the site. Use the social network's special features to grab your audience's attention and keep your brand on their radar for a long time. Apply bloggers' expertise to create the strongest advertising creatives for your campaign.
Collaborate with bloggers whose audience is close to or the same as yours. Become known quickly among your potential subscribers. Apply the expertise of successful bloggers to create the right content and use all the TikTok tricks they know to get popular!
We'll help you make a successful blogger partnership and monitor the outcome
Our experts know how to speak the same language as bloggers. We will help you not only to choose the right people for cooperation, but also together we will determine the most favourable conditions and advertising formats for you.
Our work includes:
While your competitors are wondering whether TikTok works, have time to take full advantage of all the features of the platform and get new customers through organic promotion!
Selecting relevant bloggers, accounts for collaborations and integrations.
Negotiating and discussing the terms of placement.
Preparing scenarios for integrations with opinion leaders.
Creating terms of reference for Influencers.
Coordination and approval of advertising placement.
Monitoring of advertising and activity.
Reporting on the results of advertising.

What you get:

You get direct advertisement price from a blogger without commissions.
We undertake the selection of bloggers, negotiation and all the routine.
You get channel growth from an audience of opinion leaders.

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Why we are?
Our agency is the official TikTok Partners in Ukraine and the CIS. Therefore, we are the first to receive the latest tools, training and promotion trends in TikTok.

We work with all formats of
promotion in TikTok:
We are also Facebook Marketing Partners and Google Marketing Partners. So we determine at a glance how to intelligently "fit" TikTok into the overall marketing strategy of your business or personal brand promotion.
While others are figuring out how to work with this platform, we already know which tools work best here.
We know not only what to shoot, but also how to create the right structure for your video, write strong scripts and edit videos.

And we are happy to share this knowledge with you.
Organic account management.
Suggested advertising formats TopView, Brand Takeover, Branded Hashtag Challenge, Branded Effects and others.
Targeted advertising in TikTok.
Buying ads from bloggers.
The cost of buying ads from
TikTok-bloggers from 4limes
We are ready to work with you on convenient terms and in different formats.

The cost of the service — от 250$/month.

We negotiate advertising budget individually.
Watch our case studies and see for yourself - successful TikTok advertising campaigns are possible and necessary
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Our specialist will answer all your questions concerning making a content plan in TikTok for your business or personal brand.