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What is website design and why UI/UX design?
Like any business, creating a website requires a thoughtful approach, defining your goals and objectives, and understanding your target audience. Without this, it will not be possible to create a useful resource that will generate revenue for the business. 

It is the thoughtful development of the interface of the site and is called design. This is the first and most important stage, which affects what kind of resource you get at the end.

Website layout design is based on UX and UI design.
UX design (from user experience) is the experience a user has when interacting with a website. This refers to functionality, adaptability, and what emotions a person feels when they interact with a resource. Creating websites based on research into user experience and behaviour is called UX design.

UI-design (from user interface) - the process of visualization of the prototype, developed with the user experience and analysis of the target audience. This type of design refers to the graphical part of the website interface: animations, illustrations, buttons, menus, sliders, photos, colours, fonts. 
Peculiarities of UI/UX design for different types of websites

There are three main types of websites: online shops, landing pages and corporate websites. Each of them is geared to solve specific tasks, so the design is different and different.
  • Internet shop
    The main purpose of the online shop - making the user purchase. This means that all design should contribute to the main goal. Particular attention is paid to the convenience of filling out forms, using the shopping cart and order buttons. To make a purchase, a person has to make just three clicks - this is considered positive UI design. Therefore, special attention in the design of online shops is given just to simplicity and conciseness of design.
  • Landing Page
    Designing a landing page is a special art. After all, with just one page should induce the user to perform the desired action. A Landing Page is created for various purposes: for making a sale, collecting contact information, presenting a product/service, announcing an event, testing a sales offer or segmenting a target audience. The design depends on the end goal, but one thing that remains constant in the design of a landing page is a clear, consistent structure that leads the user block by block, increasing their awareness and willingness to take the targeted action.
  • Corporate website
    The objectives of a corporate website include creating an image in the eyes of the audience and partners, as well as presenting a service or product. Designing web interfaces for corporate websites should help to implement these tasks.


UI/UX design: design stages
  • Client and project manager fill in the brief, discuss the details and cost of the project.
  • Signing a contract and making payment.
  • Customer provides input (graphics, photo-, video-, text content etc).
  • Approves the design concept.
    Our team presents interim results to the client. We discuss them and, if necessary, make adjustments.
  • We show them the complete project. It is also discussed and fine-tuned if necessary.
  • We approve the final version of the project. The client contributes the rest of the project
  • We transfer the source code, allied rights and copyrights to the client.
When you order interface design for websites from us you get a finished design based on data analysis, prototypes and an interface that will solve specific marketing objectives.

The price of the service starts at $300, but you can get the final cost of the service by filling out the brief. Delivery time from 7 working days


  • Do a preliminary analysis of the market, competitors, requirements.
  • We create prototypes of UI and UX design based on the analysis.
    We create interfaces based on prototypes, taking into account the usability of sites.
  • We develop the design layout of the site based on the developed interface.
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