Consultation with an expert:
how to create, manage and promote a TikTok account to get cool results fast
How to make strong promotional creative for TikTok? How is promotion on this social network different from the already familiar Instagram, Facebook, YouTube? What are the tricks and secrets of TikTok that will quickly help your account become popular?
Our agency is the official TikTok Partners in Ukraine and CIS. 4Limes specialists are ready to advise you on the technical peculiarities of working with TikTok, the subtleties of creating an effective account, the rules of writing a script and editing a strong video. And any other questions you may have on how to manage and promote your account on this site.
Who exactly needs advice
from a TikTok expert
Opinion leaders
You are planning to promote your brand in TikTok, but do not know where to start. Don't want to spend your budget simply, but want to launch a strong advertising campaign that will get results right away. Thinking about partnering with bloggers, but don't understand how to negotiate with them and what formats to work in.
Want to start or are already blogging on TikTok, but aren't getting the results you want. You do not fully understand what content your target audience is waiting for, what scripts work best in this social network, how to shoot and edit videos that will definitely take off in the TOP.
We'll answer any questions you have about maintaining and promoting your TikTok account!
Our work includes:
While your competitors are wondering whether TikTok works, have time to take full advantage of all the features of the platform and get new customers through organic promotion!
Preliminary communication to outline the goals and topic of the consultation.
Approval of a date and time convenient for you consultation
You will be required to: provide us with the questions that interest you 1-2 days before the consultation (if for some reason you have difficulty in formulating the questions, we will do it together in the first 15 minutes of communication)
Calling by Skype or Zoom.
Answers to your questions by 2 certified specialists.
Demonstration of a screen with examples of implementation of the questions.
Personal recommendations for getting the most out of your TikTok account.
Tips on how to use services and software to realize your goals.
Recommendations of content to work through on your own.

You will receive:

A personalized breakdown of your objectives.
Personal recommendations for your TikTok account.
Additional materials for self-study.
Recording of video tutorials in "How to do it step by step" format.
A video recording of the consultation.
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Why we are?
Our agency is the official TikTok Partners in Ukraine and the CIS. Therefore, we are the first to receive the latest tools, training and promotion trends in TikTok.

We work with all formats of
promotion in TikTok:
We are also Facebook Marketing Partners and Google Marketing Partners. So we determine at a glance how to intelligently "fit" TikTok into the overall marketing strategy of your business or personal brand promotion.
While others are figuring out how to work with this platform, we already know which tools work best here.
We know not only what to shoot, but also how to create the right structure for your video, write strong scripts and edit videos.

And we are happy to share this knowledge with you.
Organic account management.
Suggested advertising formats TopView, Brand Takeover, Branded Hashtag Challenge, Branded Effects and others.
Targeted advertising in TikTok.
Buying ads from bloggers.
The cost of a consultation with a TikTok expert from 4limes
We are ready to work with you on convenient conditions and in different formats.

The cost of the consultation - $50/hour.

The duration is determined individually, depending on your goals and needs.
Watch our case studies and see for yourself - successful TikTok advertising campaigns are possible and necessary
Fill in the feedback form.
Our specialist will answer all your questions about creating a content plan in TikTok for your business or personal brand.