Creating a content plan for TikTok by 4limes:
making your videos sell

Ask an experienced SMM professional or marketer working in any social network if you need to create a content plan for publications.

And believe me, no one will tell you that you can do without it. That by posting posts in a chaotic and ill-conceived manner, you will still make the account popular and begin to bring in leads through it.
This is also true for TikTok. Despite the fact that this young site plays by its own rules, the basic approaches to social media promotion are still the same here.
And creating the right content plan is one of the first steps towards a TikTok account for a company/personal brand that will actually promote and sell, rather than exist "just for show".

The right content plan for TikTok will:
Engage the user in your content funnel, warm them up and lead them to conversion to a lead.
Help build your personal brand.
Lead to audience building and increase the depth of views of your videos.
Lead your videos into recommendations and organically attract subscribers and convert them into customers.
We know exactly what content to give your subscribers, in what sequence and with what frequency.

Viral content to recruit your audience, expert content to validate your expertise, promotional content, and content to help work through your audience's pains. Not only will we pack everything that you will benefit from into a clear content plan, but we also give you recommendations on how to shoot and edit each type of video.
Who exactly needs a content plan
for TikTok
Develop your personal brand and increase audience loyalty. Show that you're a lively, interesting, versatile presence. Create content that encourages subscribers to be active, and therefore increases the popularity of your account.
Opinion leaders
Get closer to your target audience and learn to speak the same language as them. Show potential customers all the benefits of your product or service through usefulness, comparisons, successes. Make the most of TikTok tools to increase sales and gain audience loyalty.
Promote your personal brand through one of the most popular platforms. Use trending tools and different formats to build and improve your reputation. Promote your events and new products through TikTok.
Make a detailed content plan based on competitive analysis, trends and
your sales funnel
Our experts will create a step-by-step algorithm with examples of how to properly manage your TikTok account. We will give detailed instructions on how to use the most effective video promotion tools specifically for your niche.
Our work includes:
Elaboration of the Target Audience
Analysis of niche competitors and trends in TikTok
Elaboration of the funnel taking into account the complexity of the niche
Selection of content formats for the funnel based on trends for the niche
Creating a 2-3 months content plan:
  • video titles for each format
  • description of main idea
  • approximate number of scenes
  • Recommendations on video engagement tools
Recommendations for shooting and editing the video
Selected cheats for involvement in the video
Video editing software+feedback on the first footage
While your competitors are wondering whether TikTok works, have time to take full advantage of all the features of the platform and get new customers through organic promotion!
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Why we are?
Our agency is the official TikTok Partners in Ukraine and the CIS. Therefore, we are the first to receive the latest tools, training and promotion trends in TikTok.

We work with all formats of
promotion in TikTok:
We are also Facebook Marketing Partners and Google Marketing Partners. So we determine at a glance how to intelligently "fit" TikTok into the overall marketing strategy of your business or personal brand promotion.
While others are figuring out how to work with this platform, we already know which tools work best here.
We know not only what to shoot, but also how to create the right structure for your video, write strong scripts and edit videos.

And we are happy to share this knowledge with you.
Organic account management.
Suggested advertising formats TopView, Brand Takeover, Branded Hashtag Challenge, Branded Effects and others.
Targeted advertising in TikTok.
Buying ads from bloggers.
Watch our case studies and see for yourself - successful TikTok advertising campaigns are possible and necessary
  • How we ran ads in TikTok for a product business
  • How we ran an ad in TikTok for a psychologist
  • How we ran an ad in TikTok for a school programming
  • How we ran an ad in TikTok for an online knitting school
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