Turnkey TikTok account creation from 4limes
from packaging the profile to publishing the first videos!
Even yesterday TikTok was considered a social network for schoolchildren, and today businesses are already logging on to this platform to find potential customers.

But like any other popular social network, simply creating a personal account or company profile is not enough. Putting out videos chaotically is almost always a waste of your time and that of your employees.

In order for your account to become a real source of leads, you need to:
Not only do we know the answers to all these questions, but also the coolest tricks and secrets of creating and promoting an account in TikTok!
package it properly
fill it with quality content
correctly run the promotion

Just three steps, not too difficult at first glance, right?
But how do you design your TikTok profile to be useful and attractive to your subscribers? What kind of content will attract your audience? And how do you get started so that your account quickly becomes popular?
Who exactly needs a turnkey TikTok account creation
Opinion leaders
Present your company correctly in TikTok to attract your target audience. Get only high-quality subscribers, who will become your customers and trusted brand advocates in the future.
A quality and well-designed account will make you a household name among your subscribers. Grow your audience quickly, produce strong content regularly, increase the depth of your video views and your popularity!
Do professional
turnkey packaging
of your TikTok account
Our team will create from scratch or intelligently optimise your TikTok account.
Our work includes:
Page registration
Profile design
Adding your site and social networking links
Creating a CA account
Recommendations about video formats on the account
How to shoot and edit video
Choosing 15 themes for the first videos
Recommendations for the first videos produced by the client
Optimizing the video: description, hashtags
9-12 videos according to the rules of social networking to get the most views
While your competitors are thinking whether TikTok works, have time to fully use all the features of the
platform and gain new clients through organic promotion!
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Why we are?
Our agency is the official TikTok Partners in Ukraine and the CIS. Therefore, we are the first to receive the latest tools, training and promotion trends in TikTok.

We work with all formats of
promotion in TikTok:
We are also Facebook Marketing Partners and Google Marketing Partners. So we determine at a glance how to intelligently "fit" TikTok into the overall marketing strategy of your business or personal brand promotion.
While others are figuring out how to work with this platform, we already know which tools work best here.
We know not only what to shoot, but also how to create the right structure for your video, write strong scripts and edit videos.

And we are happy to share this knowledge with you.
Organic account management.
Suggested advertising formats TopView, Brand Takeover, Branded Hashtag Challenge, Branded Effects and others.
Targeted advertising in TikTok.
Buying ads from bloggers.
Turnkey TikTok account creation
cost from 4limes
Only 125 $!

In just 1-2 weeks you will have a properly designed and filled account. You'll learn how to get tens of thousands of subscribers in just a few months and make your TikTok a real sales tool.
Watch our case studies and see for yourself - successful TikTok advertising campaigns are possible and necessary
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Our specialist will answer all your questions concerning making a content plan in TikTok for your business or personal brand.